Hawaii Destination Specialist


I just wanted to share that I have spent the last few weeks working on becoming a Hawaii Destination Specialist. This training took me across the 6 main islands (Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Hawaii Island (The Big Island), Molokai, Lanai). I now have to provide you with the knowledge to make sure we plan the best Hawaiian vacation. From lodging to the activities you are looking to enjoy, we know how to help you plan. Remember that when you work with your travel agent, we understand what your wants/desires are.

Hawaii Destination Specialist

With 6 islands, there are so many different things to see and enjoy. From the food associated with the Hawaii Regional Cuisine (HRC), local farmers markets, to the various ethnic mix of cultures to create all new cuisine, your taste buds can have their own journey. Visit the various national parks. See live volcanoes and where Hollywood movies such as Jurassic Park have been filmed. You can even snorkel one park in the morning and be on the snow capped mountain that afternoon! Enjoy golf courses sitting on the Pacific Ocean, watching humpback whales from November through May, enjoy Crater Road, swim with manta rays, and/or fly around the island like Magnum P.I. The Hawaiian Destination Specialist provided all the necessary information to help start planning your next vacation.

Need some information? Feel free to give me a call (803) 622-0363 to find out how we can get you to the Hawaiian Islands now!

Commitment to My Clients


Creating a commitment to my clients is how I wish to maintain my clients. As many of you are aware, Lisa and I are big fans of Walt Disney World. We love to go every chance we get. When I started this travel agency, one of the first things I did was complete the Walt Disney College of Knowledge. This is Walt Disney’s travel agent coursework about Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line, and Adventures by Disney. It took some time but I completed the entire process. Last week, I spent a week at Walt Disney World with my host agency simply learning even more about the most magical place. But that is not all that I am familiar with and can sell either. Check out Disney.

Disney Commitment

I say all this because I love the following quote from Walt Disney himself:

“What ever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it they will want to come back and see you do it again and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do.”

Working as a travel agent means I am provide my commitment too always look at deals to see if I can further help my clients within their budget. This means savings within my clients budget. At the same time, can these savings be used to enhance their travel in some way. An extra excursion, an upgrade, or simply a refund!!

As we go into the holidays, remember that travel can make a wonderful gift! Saturday is for Small Business Saturday. I have Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to help you get the most out of your next vacation! Remember if you book with me, I DO NOT charge additional fees (only 1 exception (airfare only)). The price you pay for your package is IT! I want your vacation to be a breeze for you so you will come back to me and tell your friends!

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Service Costs

How Much Does It Cost To Engage a Travel Agent?

For the most part, Baker View Consulting does not have general service costs. One exception is when only airfare is booked with nothing else. Why? The airlines have determined that they do not need to pay commissions to travel agents. Our normal fee is $20.

The other exception is the initial $50 research fee. However, once we get to the point of booking your vacation, that gets fully refunded to you. Unfortunately, this is in place as some folks take our work on then go book their own vacation. While we don’t mind helping, we still need to be reimbursed for our services.

What about everything else?

Baker View Consulting is paid a commission from hotels, cruise lines, rental car companies, and tour operators. If we wrap a total package for you, we don’t need to charge the airline fee since everything is being put together.

So remember, you can do all your own work and research for your vacation. Baker View Consulting can assist you in that work and make sure you are getting all the best deals and values you can. We will help you track your deposit dates and ensure you and your family can have a stress free vacation!

We can track the best excursions for your trip. This includes getting experience from the Dugan’s Travel family of other agents that have either gone personally or their clients experiences. They gladly share who to use and who to avoid at all costs.

The most important part is telling us what your ideal vacation is and what you are looking to experience. All within your budget!

Helping you find the Best View!!