Travel Certifications – Passed to Date

Travel Certifications

We have the following travel certifications that are of note:

These certifications represent areas specific to the following:

  • Country (Switzerland, Ireland / Scotland)
  • Land/area or (Hawaii)
  • Supplier (Walt Disney World Company, Universal Orlando, Carnival Cruise, etc.)

The detailed information gathered from the training about areas help make each client’s experience filled with what they need. Travel agents learning how to navigate their specific websites, the various products they have to offer, and how to provide the client with everything they need and want to have an enjoyable vacation.

Consequently, some certifications are required to be completed on a yearly basis. Especially relevant is that the tests are a part of each certification to validate that we comprehend the necessary information. Learning about the areas that you are interested in creates a better experience that we can provide. This training gives us the knowledge to give you a fantastic package.

Further information about potential travel certifications can be found at Travel Agent University.

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